Dear Friends,

I’m so glad you’re here, please read my intentions around selling over the upcoming weeks. I hope I’m able to be eloquent and thorough enough to bring across our intentions as a label and as part of a community that is facing these challenges together.

I’m sure you’re all very practiced in the many, many emotions that have risen; dreaded denial through to panic, back to denial, back to panic and eventually breaching acceptance and engaging in pro-active ways of adjusting to our situation. & of course, universal tears.

One of my emotions that came up was “ What are we going to do as a small business!?” A bunch of you know exactly how terrifying this thought is. My instinctual reaction as a business owner is to drive sales. But I couldn’t. Ethically it didn’t feel right, also bearing in mind the financial set backs many of us are facing. The focus wasn’t on consumption, it drew towards unity and community. With this in mind, what I’ve decided to do is to price designs in hopes of covering staff salaries and overheads. Now is not the time to profit and grow for us, but to maintain until we can regroup.

Wishing you and those around you solace in that we’re all here together. Enjoy your time to get some actual sleep, recharge, read, paint, re-get-to-know each other, take stock of what’s important, re-arrange the house, play that flipping piano. All those lovely things that happen when you slow down.

This time and space has inspired me to take a step back and refresh the importance of design, it has sparked the resurgence of the honesty and unity of design. Design avoid of sales driven objectives. Although this practice is something that holds strong to our label, I can’t wait to get back to the studio and experiment more than ever.

Thank you for taking the time.

Much Love & Stay Safe